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Recital Information

In an effort to help families plan their summers, we try our best to hold our show the week after school is released. This allows our families to finish up the last week of exams and crazy schedules before heading into production rehearsal.

Each class will learn a routine that will be performing in the show.






Legacy will enter into a run through schedule during the last two weeks of class.  This schedule will be assigned according to the class placement in the show.  Act I will be on one day and Act II will be on another.  Legacy Littles will have their own rehearsal.

Dress Rehearsal is the day before the show. We ask that all students wear their stage makeup, hair and costumes. This rehearsal helps to ensure that the students have enough time between dances to change costumes and it helps to make sure the lighting that was set during tech rehearsal works with the costume as well. Parents are allowed in the auditorium to take pictures and video during this time as long as the house remains quiet.

Our goal on this day is to create an event that your children will never forget.

The expenses that are involved with production are:
Costume Fee — This is determined each summer after the new catalogs arrive. The fee for the past two years has been $55.00 Legacy Little, $65.00 Most Classes, $70.00 upper level Ballet, $75.00 Pointe
Production Fee — This fee is determined by the venue expense.  Plan on $65.00 
Tickets — Range from $5.00 - $10.00
There are other optional items that are available but not required.


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